The Why

We built Squaddy to help people form training habits that allow them to achieve their goals. We do this by sticking to three principles:

  1. Make tracking workouts easy and rewarding

  2. Make it easy to share training content
  3. Keep it simple

Training features

Strength tracking

Release 1

Track your performance in strength exercises across a huge range of movements and machines

Cardio tracking

Release 1

Track any cardio activity across a range of metrics: speed, distance, time, calories, watts, splits


Release 1

Track holds done over time. This includes exercises like planks, gymnastics, L-sits, etc


Q4 2022

Stack multiple exercises with their own rep ranges into a single set. e.g. Snatch (1) + Overhead Squat (2)


Q1 2023

Combine multiple exercises in back-to-back sets


Q1 2023

Create combinations of exercises and score them for time, distance, calories, reps, rounds and weight

Bodyweight x Distance

Q1 2023

For the gymnasts out there. Think handstand walks, walking lunges

Weight x Distance

Q1 2023

For dynamic S&C workouts and strongman disciplines. Think farmer’s carries, yokes, sleds etc

Photo upload

Q1 2023

Upload a photo of your whiteboard, Insta screenshot, training journal and use it as the session

Workout helpers

%RM calculator

Release 1

Calculate what percentage you need to lift at based on your 1RM

Workout timer

Q1 2023

Time your workouts and rest

RPE indicator

Q1 2023

Tag your sets with RPE so you know how hard to push

%RM indicator

Q1 2023

Tag reps with a %RM so your athletes know what percentage to lift at

Train together

Squad chat

Release 1

Chat between squad members with rich features including threading, emoji reactions and media uploads.

Squad board

Release 1

Post photos and notes to the board to document your squad’s progress and keep members posted.

Sharing links

Release 1

Control squad membership through an easy to use sharing link

Squad admins

Release 1

Keep your groups running smoothly by appointing admins and removing disruptive members

Your journal

Training history

Release 1

All your workouts and stats, in one easy to search place

Personal bests

Release 1

Automatically track progress for every movement you record in Squaddy

Schedule workouts

Q4 2022

Plan your training week by scheduling upcoming workouts


Q4 2022

Post photos, notes and videos to document you progress

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